About Abraham Bascon

Abraham Bascon has been working professionally in film, video, and photography since 2004. Originally from South Shore Massachusetts and Maui, Abraham earned his BA in film and television, and has spent the last decade in Los Angeles working on short films, commercials, wedding videos, model reels, lifestyle photography and building a large and loyal clientele of Head Shot clients. His work has been featured in a number of short film festivals and viral videos, and his Head Shots and model reels are widely circulated throughout Los Angeles by working actors and models.

His passion for film and photography spans a lifetime, having made a large number of short films and videos with his very large family starting at the young age of 8. This has resulted in a substantial portfolio of comedy, music videos, commercials, short drama films, ninja flicks, and countless other embarrassing/amazing films over the many years. This passion for telling stories brought him to Los Angeles for full immersion, to learn and work with the best, and make storytelling his life.

While his taste has become more refined than his infamous “Nightmare on Corbett Road,” (1988), Abraham continues to be a prolific creator, channeling his talent and drive into the amazing photos and videos we see today. He possesses a unique vision, and has a special knack for drawing out what makes a moment, a person, a relationship special. In this way, he shows us that every person, every story is indeed remarkable.

Abraham lives in Los Angeles, CA with his wife Sarah, sons Kekoa and Roscoe, and mangy mutt Ash.